Section off part of the field using cones (20 yards x 30 yards).  Pick a player to act as the shark.  The minnows will wear flag belts and line up at one end of the grid to start.  If you have enough footballs for each child, hand each minnow a football before starting.  The minnows will then try to run to the other end of the grid and the shark will try to remove their flags.  The last player with flags wins.  Another variation of the game, which is like “Monkey in the Middle”, makes the game more “team” oriented.  Have the minnows use one football and pass it at least two times before crossing to the other end of the grid.  The shark will still try to pull the flags off of the players (does not have to be the player with the ball so the other players are still involved and active within the drill).  Make sure to change the shark after each game!

Have a fun flag football drill you want to share?