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Our flag football plays are designed for 5 on 5, 6 on 6, 7 on 7, and 8 on 8 flag football leagues. Our playbooks include flag football plays, practice plans, and flag football drills. Our color coded teaching system is great for coaching youth flag football. All of our flag football plays are tested and proven successful! Our winning flag football playbooks will turn your group into a competitive flag football team.

Play , Practice Plans & Drills

Flag Football Plays That Work

Flag football playbooks that contain color coded flag football plays. Each playbook includes run and pass plays, practice plans and drills. We offer plays for youth flag football and adult flag football


“The color coaching teaching system made it very easy to teach my first yeat flag football team. If just a matter of a couple practices, the team was able to learn their position and run football plays. Great stuff!”

- Marty Sutherland, Coach

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How to use the QB Wrist Coach in Flag Football

Coach Hemhauser with Youth Football Online has a great article on how the offensive line and receivers use the wrist coach differently. Check it out here: Thanks

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