This flag football play is designed to pull the defense to the right with a fake and create an opening for the runner.  The running back on the left side of the formation will cut toward the right behind the QB.  The QB fakes the hand off.  The running back on the right side will delay, until the fake is complete.  They will then proceed toward to the left just behind the QB and take the hand off.  Depending upon the defense response, the running back will either take it straight up field and extend the run toward the outside.   The timing on this play is critical.  If the play is run to quickly the defense will not respond to the first running back getting the fake.  If the play is run to slow then the players will have time to correct their turn toward the fake and refocus on the running back getting the ball.   The QB should turn toward the right when starting the play, so the defenders begin to move to the right as well. 

Flag Football Play - Bull Rush Left


Image of Flag Football Play