Basically, there are two types of parents that put their kids in youth sports: The kind that are at every practice and game rooting on their kids, and the kind that just drop their kids off at the practice field. Depending on the parent type, either can be a pleasant or unpleasant relationship. Regardless, if you're coaching a team its best to get the parents as involved as possible, or at least give them the opportunity to be involved. Positive parent involvement in youth sports promotes better attitudes for the players, and more successful practices and games. Here are 5 types on how to get the parents involved.

1. Be on first name basis.
If you address the parents by their first name rather than Mr. or Mrs., this instantly builds a personal relationship and encourages them to get more involved.

2. Try to approach every parent individually.
I know it's tough and time doesn't always allow it, but personally reaching out to parents individually can garner their interest in their child's performance and trust that you are doing a good job at coaching.

3. Send out a weekly newsletter.
Weekly newsletters keep the parents informed and involved, and updates them on the team's status.

4. Have parents get in team huddles after games.
If you have huddles after practices and games, invite the parents to get in on the huddle so they get to see what's going on with the team.

5. Invite the parents to participate as assistant coaches.
You can never have too many assistant coaches, even if their just filling drinks or handing out towels. By inviting the parents to help out as assistant coaches during the practices, you got a win-win situation.