I was recently asked "what defense should I run with 6 year old, 5 on 5 flag football team"?

At this age flag football is still very new to the players.  We try not to over complicate things and make sure the players can accomplish their assignment.  In the younger divisions of 5 on 5 youth flag football, eliminating the big play is the primary goal.  

Staying simple and stopping the long run, we suggested the 3 - 2 defense.  Three players on the line (1 nose guard and 2 ends) - the defensive ends should contain plays run their way, and force them back to the middle (basically do not allow the runner outside their position).  The two safeties should play their area and only move toward the ball once the ball runner has crossed the line of scrimmage. If they commit too early, they will often give up long runs.  

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