Here is a quick tip to keep your flag football flags organized and fitted, during your football season.  This will save you time before your flag football games and practices, and eliminate the hassle of refastening and resizing flags each week. 

Most youth leagues provide you with flag football flags that you keep during the year for your team.   Typically these belts are a one size fits most style of flag belt.  To keep the  flag belts fitted (so they don't slide off your player), and to keep them organized(so you don't have to re-fit the flags each time), we recommend you fit the belt ot the youth player, secure the fitting, and provide name on each flag belt.   

  1. Assign a flag belt to each kid.  Most flag football leagues provide a belt for flag football player.
  2. Size the flag belt so if fits snug around the player.  It should not be too tight. Just tight enough to ensure the flag belt fastens, and does not slide when the player runs
  3. Wrap the excess belt around the buckle a few times, to save the belt.  This also, gets rid of the excess flag that seems wave around like an addtional flag.   After wrapping the flag, I cut the remaining excess flag off.
  4. Once the flag belt is wrapped, take sports cloth tape and wrap it around the belt to secure the wrapped excess area and to secure the belt size.  This keeps the belt from adjusting during the flag football game and season.  
  5. Write your flag football players name on tape. This will become their flag football belt the entire season. 

I hand out my flags at the beginning of practice and games just after warm-ups.  I collect them during recap (huddle), just before we break to end practice.    This ensures we get all the flags.

I hope this tips helps you and provides you more time to coach flag football.

Have tips and/or suggestion?  We'd like to hear them.