Flag Pulling Drill - The Gauntlet

The Set-up 

Four flag football players line up in two lines – 3 yards behind each other and 3 yards apart, the rest of the kids line up behind each other, but in front and facing the 4 other players.

The Flag Pulling Drill

The players in line will run between the other four while the 4 players attempt to pull the flags.  The players running through will loop back around after the run-through. After all the flags are pulled from the players in line, the players switch and four new players set up to do the flag pulling.

 Coach’s Job

This drill is a perfect opportunity to individually look at each player’s flag pulling procedure. Reference our Flag Pulling Technique article to learn the 4 basic techniques each player should consistently follow. Using this drill will allow you to critique and perfect how each player pulls the flag. Consistent, correct flag pulling is essential in winning youth flag football games.

If you have drills you would like to share for flag football please post for others to view.

Good luck this season!