What is the best way to beat man to man defense that has incredible speed in flag football?  Any Tips?

The best way to stop man to man defense that has speed is either to out speed them (if you have speedsters) or better yet out smart them with mis-direction plays and decoys.  First thing to do is try to disguise your fast players, so don't come out of the gate with giving your fast players that ball every time.  Try to create mis-matches to provide each player the best chance to get yards.  Misdirection plays, and counters in flag football are a great way to slow the defense down, as well as deep routes combine with short yards passes.  The deep routes will take players out of the initial play, and provide room for the players running shorter routes to catch and gain some yards.  The key is to alternate the slower players and the faster players on long routes.  The best match up is getting the  faster players catching the shorter routes and if they get by their man, they are usually breaking for long yardage.  This will also provide a better chance for a player to catch one deep.  Hope this help.

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