This flag football plays is great to run against teams that are very patient on defense.  Many teams will teach their kids to contain the ends and wait until the ball is handed off before attacking the runner.  This is due to the fact that many coaches like to use a lot of fakes and misdirection when running their offense.  One way we found to effectively attack this defense is mix in a few quick hit run or pass plays.  When teams constantly fake the ball the defense will sit back and watch until a player gets the ball.  The quick hit plays force the defense to react to the first player through.  So we run a couple fakes and misdirections and then the direct hand-off.  The fakes may get them early, but once they adjust then we force them to play more aggressive with the quick hit plays.  As with all offensives in youth flag football it is important to mix in a variety of plays.  It will keep your team having fun and the defense on their toes.


Have a strategy you like to use against tough patient defenses?   Please post.