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Win Games or Develop Players?

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Win games or develop players? 

This is a question that comes up even when we don’t realize it. Many coaches start the flag football season with the right intention of teaching the fundamentals of flag football and building a cohesive team. We hear so often the encouraging position, “It doesn’t matter if we win or lose.”

The hurdle comes a few games into the season when your team suffers a few loses. The parents look at the coach, the kids look at the coach, even the coach looks at the coach. All wondering when and if coaching the fundamentals...

Welcome to our new site.

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Welcome to our new site!
The new look provides the same great flag football plays, practice plans and drills along with new features to assist flag football coaches.   Our color coded plays are designed to be easy to teach, easy to understand and fun to learn.
We've added a handful of new products, new variations to current products, a coaches corner to get additional information regarding flag football, and a place to asked questions and share your experiences.  
We hope you enjoy the new look, and that you become part of our network of great coaches. We encourage you to share your stories and experiences so other coaches...